mIRC Connecting Info

ALL DOWNLOADS ARE ON IRC Be Sure To Read Everything Below
All Emulators & Applications require a modded xbox you can purchase a very good modchip here. Below is a Guide for New Users or people having problems, experienced users click here PLEASE NOTE THIS GUIDE IS MAINLY BASED ON mIRC v6.03 Some info has been updated to v6.12. This FAQ has been made keeping in mind that many people will have problems in connecting to our IRC Channel. You should follow these simple steps to connect to our server. The way to connect to our channel is using mIRC, mIRC is a program that will help you in connecting to our channel and other channels on the IRC network. Here, we'll only be concerned with connecting to the #xboxemu channel. Here is a method of installing, running and then connecting to our channel using mIRC. Where you see "Quote Markes" ---> " " do not use/ type them. 1) First of all, you should download the mIRC program By visiting www.mirc.co.uk . Go to the download page on the site and start the download. The file is quite small around 1.1mb, and shouldn't take more than 4 minutes on a Standard 56k connection. 2) Install mIRC by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
3) Now run mIRC, click on Start --> Programs --> mIRC --> mIRC Once open close "About mIRC" and you will be confronted with mIRC Options, Click in the box where is says "Full Name:" & enter your name, if you dont want people to know who your are just put any old name. Then enter you "E-Mail Address:" Followed by your "Nickname:" See Example Below:
4) Now Click on "Add" in the top right corner to get "Add Server. In the "Description" box type: Xbox Emu and in the "IRC Server" box type: laeta.zoite.net then click add. Image below is old so pay no attention to irc.wembaster.com, that is our old server that is no longer in use.
5) Now Click "Connect to IRC Server" & a window will appear saying "mIRC Channels Folder" at the bottom un-check "Pop up folder on connect" then close the window by clicking the X.
6) You will now be on the "Status Window" if you see a message saying "-NickServ- This nickname is owned by someone else. You must select a different one", so close everything & start mIRC again & just change your Nickname. If all went well you should see this in the "Status Window" Example: * Joe Bloggs sets mode: +ixn - Now type: "/join #xboxemu" " When in #xboxemu give yourself a nickname " Type: /nick and the name you want" If you want to register your Nickname, read below how to to do this. You don't have to but if you want to insure you keep your desired nickname and not have it stolen by someone else i recommend you do. Just type "/nickserv register password e-mail@e-mail.com" where password is enter your desired password and e-mail@e-mail.com put your e-mail address. After entering the above command, your nickname registration will be complete, and only you will be able to use your nickname. You only need to do this once. You will also be required to identify yourself to Nickserv when joining #xboxemu the next time you visit if you want to use your nickname. Here is the command. Type: " /ns identify ***** " <--- where the stars are put your password One more command left, Type: " /join #xboxemu " thats it your in.
Downloading Info
The Downloads are all on Fserve's ( ie File Servers ): While in #xboxemu type: !list to see all available active file servers, we currently have 3 file servers. These are the triggers: !xbox0r !xbox1r !xbox2r Note, sometimes not all File Servers will be active so type: !list to check. Example: In #xboxemu type: !xbox0r & accept the DCC chat by |XBoX0R|, when the DCC Chat connection is established type: dir . A list of directory's will be displayed simply type: cd followed by the directory name, again type: dir & you will be presented with a list of files for download. In order to retrieve a file type: get followed by the file name. Should you want to go back to a previous directory type: cd.. note it is cd with two full stops and no space in between. In other words to navigate the file servers you use good old DOS Commands. Warnning, if you get the message "file ignored" or "file rejected" Do the following: Goto: Tools ---> Options ---> Scroll Down To DCC ---> Click the + sign. DCC list will open up. Select Ignore: On the right window make sure Method: "is Disabled" & that Turn Ignore back on in: "is not ticked".
Should for some reason you want to go back a directory type: cd.. Here is one long pic to give you an example of downloading Dgen-X Version 4. If you should have problems with a File Server then ask for help. Good luck & have fun :) SinTex