IRC Chat

ALL DOWNLOADS ARE ON IRC Be Sure To Read Everything Below
All Emulators & Applications require a modded xbox you can purchase a very good modchip here. Looking for help & all the latest emu's or just a place to chill out then join us on: #xboxemu on If your New to irc or having problems connecting & downloading click here Below is a Guide for More Experienced irc users. In mIRC just type in: /server (PRESS ENTER) /join #xboxemu (PRESS ENTER) Note, you may need to be registerd to join #xboxemu due to pm spamming. To register Type: " /nickserv register password where password is put your desired password & obviously your e-mail address then follow the instructions. The Downloads are all on Fserve's ( ie File Servers ): While in #xboxemu type: !list to see all available active file servers, we currently have 4 file servers. These are the triggers: !xbox0r !xbox1r !xbox2r Note, sometimes not all File Servers will be active so type: !list to check. Example: In #xboxemu type: !xbox0r & accept the DCC chat by |XBoX0R|, when the DCC Chat connection is established type: dir . A list of directory's will be displayed simply type: cd followed by the directory name, again type: dir & you will be presented with a list of files for download. In order to retrieve a file type: get followed by the file name. If you should get a message saying file rejected you will need to check your dcc options & do the following: Goto ---> DCC ---> Options ---> DCC ---> Folders and make sure DCC Ignore: is Disabled & that Turn Ignore back on in: is not Ticked. Should for some reason you want to go back a directory type: cd.. If you should have problem with the a File Server then ask for help. Good luck & have fun :) SinTex