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Latest Xbox News

Thursday, 15, March, 2012

******* " Happy Birthday Xbox " *******
Posted by Sin-Tex at 21:00 PM

Well Almost!...
10yrs ago yesterday "March 14th 2002" Marked the realease of Microsoft's Xbox in the UK and the first newes post i made on this site, the site itself is a little over 10yrs old also.. (HOW OLD I FEEL NOW COMPARED TO BACK THEN)
Anyway i should point out that Microsoft is having a Ten Year Celebration -----> Celebration Site

However dont expect much: It just takes you on your own personal journey from your first Xbox experience through the hardware, software and entertainment launches over the last 10 years.”

It's definitely been fun though, i still use my Xbox's 10yrs on, it should've been called the Magic Box for all the things it could do in the end. Although i cannot say i was overly impressed with the 360 and all those nice ODD faults it had plus initial small hdd, it was still a nice product and i wish them success with the Xbox 720 ??

Monday, 1, January, 2007

******* " Happy New Year " *******
Posted by Sin-Tex at 2:22 AM

o.k. so i have not posted anything in awhile but it's a new year and a time for forgiving.
Plus Saddam Hussein is now dead, apparently ?

Anyone else wonder why the good quality video footage cut off just before he was hung then went to crap mobile footage after he was dead ;-)
Wonders how long conspiracy theorists will talk about this and say he is still alive :-)

Well here is hoping we get to see good use of cheap Fuel Cell technology plus reasonable priced LCOS or even Laser 1080p TV's.

Thursday, 24, August, 2006

Xport - Xtravaganza
Posted by Sin-Tex at 0:34 AM

News Source: XBINS

I have to say Xport is back in Full Force knocking up ports & updates left right & center.

Classic99X v1 port of: Classic99
PokemonMiniX v1 port of: PokemonMini
VirtualBoyX v1 port of: Virtual Boy
SuperVisionX v1 port of: Watara Supervision Emulator
SoftVMUX v1 port of: Sega Dreamcast VMU Emulator
Chip8X v1 port of: CHIP8/SuperCHIP8 Emulator

Standard Features:
- Emulates the Nintendo Virtual Boy
- Excellent compatibility - ported from Red Dragon
- Sound
- All standard XPort features
- ZIP/Relax/SMB support
- Save states
- ZIP/Relax/SMB support
- All standard XPort features

Xport's Official Site
Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Wednesday, 23, August, 2006

ZsnexBox v2.8
Posted by Sin-Tex at 22:02 PM

News Source: Xbox-Scene

What's New:
Aug 20 2006

-New excellent Mario skin by Neverwill. Be sure to give it a try.

-Added support for graphics packs. New games supported:
Far East of Eden Zero (J)
Far East of Eden Zero - Shounen Jump no Shou (J) [!]
Momotarou Dentetsu Happy (J) [!]
Super Power League 4 (J) [!]

-Added new filters:
Elsemi Superscale 2x
Elsemi Superscale 2x + 75% scanlines
Elsemi Superscale 2x + High Resolution Mode 7
Elsemi Superscale 2x + 75% scanlines + High Resolution Mode 7

-Made SuperScale 2X the default filter. SuperScale 2X looks just as good (if not better) than Advance MAME 2X and it is a lot faster. For example, the spinning title screen for Yoshi's Island with Advance MAME 2X, the FPS averaged in the low 50's. With Superscale, it is a rock solid 60 FPS. If you are an Advance MAME 2X user, I recommend using this instead.

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

FBAXXX (20/08/2006)
Posted by Sin-Tex at 21:43 PM


What's New: FBAXXX 20/08/2006

- rumble disabled when pad is not used since 5 seconds, useful for intros in game supporting rumble
- fixed nasty video bug when using launch command
- detects if the game supports 2 or 4 players in the controller menu
- fixed xbox buttons color in controller menu
- now display "return to 'name of game'" in the minimenu
- changed "fbaxxx is decrypting and loading rom" to "please wait"
- corrected some bug in moves menu, the game found was not the correct game
- corrected going back to moves menu via exit with A button
- changed the way moves menu is presented, the background is now the in-game
- mini menu now uses an alpha channel, it means it is now darkened a little, it will be more easy to read
- added adjust screen option in mini menu
- fixed simple1x (none in software filter)
- removed donations informations from splash menu (see main page to find out why)


Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Tuesday, 15, August, 2006

BlobWarsX v2
Posted by Sin-Tex at 21:08 PM

News Source: XBINS

Xport has released an update to his Blob Wars X Homebrew Game.

What's New:

- Updated to the final source version
- Changed resize screen method

This is a port of the game Blob Wars which is another really slick/polished game from Parallel Realities.
It's a platformer similar in theme to Metal Slug where you must rescue MIAs, collect weapon power-ups, etc.

Left Thumbstick - Move guy, navigate menus
A - Jump
B - Use jetpack
X - Fire weapon
Y - Show map
Start - Pause
Back - Escape/cancel

To resize the screen, press START on the main menu. Then use the Left/Right Thumbsticks. Then press START again.

Cheats are available in the Options menu.

Super thanks to Lantus for his SDL-XBox libraries!

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

XHeroes v1
Posted by Sin-Tex at 20:50 PM

News Source: XBINS

Xport has released this new Homebrew Game.

This is a port of the game Heroes which is a multiplayer Tron/Nibbles-type game.

Use the left thumbstick to move player.
Press the A button during gameplay to speed up.
Press the WHITE button on the title screen to resize the screen. Press START when done resizing.
Press the BLACK button during gameplay to enable/disable cheat mode.
Press the START button during gameplay to pause. Press B to escape pause mode.
Press the BACK button during gameplay to quit the game.

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

NJamX v1
Posted by Sin-Tex at 20:42 PM

News Source: XBINS

Xport has released this new Homebrew Game.

This is a port of the game NJam which is a multiplayer PacMan-type game.
Can play over the internet, although I have not tested it. It should work.

Press the WHITE button during the game to enable cheat mode.

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

ZsnexBox 2.6
Posted by Sin-Tex at 20:09 PM

News Source: Xbox-Scene

What's New: ZsnexBox 2.6

-Added support for enabling/disabling all 4 background layers
-Added support for enabling/disabling the sprite layer
-Added support for enabling/disabling all 8 sound channels.

What's New: ZsnexBox 2.5

-Added a higher quality Zelda animation (higher resolution and more frames) to the Zelda skin
-Fixed a bug that was causing garbage to be written to the ZsnexBox.ini. Hopefully this
will fix the problem some people were getting with changing the skin.
-Fixed a savestate loading bug that would cause a crash in Super Mario Kart and Pilotwings.
-Added skin previews for the skin selection menu.
-Tweaked the GUi a little.

What's New: ZsnexBox 2.4

-ZsnexBox now comes with two excellent (Zelda and Metroid) skins to choose from by Neverwill. Be sure to try them both.

-Added an animation to the Metroid skin

-Skin switching supported. Up to 15 skins are supported. Add additional skins to the skins folder. In each folder put a copy of the ZsnexBox.ini that has the correct text/image placement in this folder. It must be named the same as the folder name. For example, the Metroid skin is in the D:\skins\Metroid folder and contains a Metroid.ini

-Added more text placement options. Virtually all the text can be adjusted.

-Changed the main menu, controller, and emulator options text to be centered.

-Added a Help/FAQ Menu option. This screen contains information about the use of ZsnexBox as well as an updated FAQ. Please look here "before" posting a question on the forums.

-Added option to adjust the clipping window for the Help text.

-Added a new Help background image for the Help screen

-Tweaked the timing and animation code. The animations now run much smoother.

-Fixed the HD corrupt graphics problem some users were getting. ZsnexBox should display correctly in 720p and 1080i for all Xbox versions (regardless of the dashboard used to launch it)

-Fixed Player 3 and 4 controls

-Added the ability to change the Rombrowser text clipping. The width can now be increased or decreased.

-Created a new menu called GUI Options and moved the Text and Image Options to this menu.

-Added a GUI transition between screens. The fade effect duration can be adjusted

-Added support for a zooming logo/graphic for the rombrowser.

-Fixed a bug where some text was too far to the right in HD modes.

-Fixed the invisible digit bug on the cheat menu in HD modes.

-Changed all GUI images to PNG format. JPG's are no longer supported anywhere. This alone frees up around 4MB of RAM and as a result, all of the previous HQ previews work again. The GUI looks even better as well.

-Changed the "Show ROM Info" option to be off by default.

-Fixed a bug where the Option screen would be dimmed if screen resizing was done outside of the emulation.

-Fixed a bug where the preview border values were not being saved correctly.

-Added a confirmation screen for exiting ZsnexBox.

-Added options to change the zooming logo animations on the main menu and rombrowser. The values that can be changed are minimum size, maximum size, and speed of animation.

-Decreased the amount of time before the rombrowser animation repeats.

-Added option to change the distance the rombrowser animated character moves (if it moves at all). The default value is 100. So a value of 50 would cause it to repeat in half the time.

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Thursday, 3, August, 2006

ZsnexBox 2.3
Posted by Sin-Tex at 1:05 AM

News Source: Xbox-Scene

Author Nes6502 Comments:

I was going to add more features before releasing but I don't have much time these days to work on ZsnexBox. I decided to go ahead and release what I have because there are some cool new features. Otherwise, it might have been another month before I would have finished the other things. I didn't get a chance to add the skin switching so anyone who makes a new skin, just include your ZsnexBox23.ini with all the text/image adjustments.

What's New:

-New GUI thanks to the excellent work of Neverwill.
-Fixed High Res Mode 7 filter.
-Added option to resize the GUI. These settings are separate from the emulation screen settings.
-Added various animation effects to the GUI
-Changed the default skin to the new Zelda skin by Neverwill
-Added a Splash screen
-Added a main menu screen
-Added two new menus: Image Options and Text Options.
-Added the option to move resize most of the GUI text. This includes all the text on the Rombrowser. This will allow people to make GUI's with the rombrowser on the right side of the screen for example.
-Added option to change the FPS and animation speed of the rombrowser animation
-Added support for a preview overlay image. This has to be in png format and ideally will contain a border with a transparent middle.
-Added option to disable the preview overlay
-Added screenshot transparency. The transparency level can be set to 0-255.
-Changed the background music to one more fitting to a Zelda theme.
-Rewrote the video render code to provide even more emulation speedup.
-Fixed (?) the invisible third digit in the cheat code menu. Please post if this digit is still invisible in 720p or 1080i.

-If you get garbled graphics, open up the ZsnexBox23.ini and change the HDMode to 1 (720p) or 2 (1080i) if you have HD support and it is enabled.

-The image/animations may not be correctly placed in HD modes. However, nearly everything about the GUI can be adjusted.

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Wednesday, 2, August, 2006

Street Fighter II' HF
Posted by Sin-Tex at 14:36 PM

News Source: Xbox-Emu

IT's out people download it now!
I am ready to kick butt...


I am somewhat disapointed and some of you may feel the same, i will however hold fire on giving my opinion till Sunday and give the game a chance. I will attempt to give some kind of review Sunday, although being a fighting game it will more likely be simple opinions.

Anyone wanting to give an opinion/ there thoughts on SF II for Xbox 360 simply email me.

Sunday, 23, July, 2006

Weekly Round Up!
Posted by Sin-Tex at 19:49 PM

FBA-xxx Pro v1.21
News Source: 1Emulation.Com

What's New? (v1.21) 23-07-06

- Fixed encrypted Neo-Geo games not loading.
- Fixed UI background music and options.
- Fixed problem where incorrect ROMsets were loading even with CRC Check on.
- Corrected some DAT errors.

What's New? (v1.20) 18-07-06

- Fixed show commands menu
- Fixed black and white inverted
- Fixed macro ppp and kkk inverted
- Neogeo rumble now loads from an ini + new games supported
- CPS2 rumble + ini
- Soft and hardware filters preview
- Rumble not activated when pad is not used
- Fixed 640*576 not initialized correctly in PAL 50
- Added support of launch command


News Source: Xbox-Scene

After some newfound interested in the OpenXDK, a workaround was found for input handling so input now works 100% (!!), so I guess it's time to release some ports . I bring you a completely legal port of Wolf3D, the classic id FPS. It comes all ready to play with the shareware data files - unfortunately I don't think the registered datafiles or expansion packs will work at this time. If there is interest in getting this to work let me know and I'll see what I can do. Anyways, binary release - just unpack and copy to your xbox, data directory intact. Source release - have fun, requires OpenXDK from CVS or better.

Thanks to all the previous and current OpenXDK developers - it's been a long time coming, but we're finally reaching a point where releasable stuff can be made with the OpenXDK.


* Savegames get reported as corrupted.. but they load fine.
* Sound doesn't work
* Strafing over an item does not pick it up


* triggers to fire
* A to open doors
* X to strafe, B to run
* Start/Back are Enter/Escape


Vice64X v7
News Source: Xbox-Scene

What's new: v7 21-07-06

- Fixed SID playback in UI
- Date/timestamp appears next to each used save state in the
state selection menu.

What's new: v6 19-07-06

- Remembers location when backing out of Gamebase menus
- Fixed bug where "Only Show Available Games" and "Force Configuration
Before Each Game" settings were not being saved.

What's new: v5 18-07-06

- Fixed loading problem with PET programs. If the loading screen hangs, set the configuration to 4016 mode, relaunch, then if it loads and it's not the correct machine type, exit, reconfigure as the correct machine type and it should be fine.
- Can now use LTHUMB stick to move cursor on keyboard menu.
- AutoBoot games


VicePETX v3, Vice20X v4, and WinUAEX v16
News Source: Xbox-Scene


Commodore PET Emulator port for XBox v3
What's new/fixed:
- Fixed loading problem with PET programs. If the loading screen hangs, set the configuration to 4016 mode, relaunch, then if it loads and it's not the correct machine type, exit, reconfigure as the correct machine type and it should be fine.
- Can now use LTHUMB stick to move cursor on keyboard menu.
- AutoBoot games

Vice20X Commodore VIC-20 Emulator port for XBox v4

What's new/fixed:
- Can now use LTHUMB stick to move cursor on keyboard menu.
- AutoBoot games (see below)
- Cartridges easier to use now

WinUAEX Amiga Emulator port for XBox v16

What's new/fixed:
- AutoBoot games (see here)
- Test pattern for game screen resizing
Toggle between game screen and test pattern
Hide text while resizing
Change text color on resizing screen
Change size of test pattern on game screen resizing
- Trigger rumble when game memory changes
- Trigger rumble when pressing emulator button
- Trigger rumble via memory now has the following options:
- View all potential cheat code items
- View memory dump for cheat codes
- Poke values into memory
- Added analog stick sensitivity configuration
- Jump to Memory Dump from cheat code value
- More searchable memory locations for creating cheat codes


Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Sunday, 9, July, 2006

ZsnexBox 2.0
Posted by Sin-Tex at 11:38 AM

News Source: Xbox-Scene

What’s New:

-Compiled with "Maximize Speed" flag set. This may provide a speedup.
-Minor GUI adjustments
-Added Black as a color choice to the GUI options.
-Fixed a bug that had garbage at the top of a saved screenshot
-Replaced the previewnotfound.jpg with the one by Wesker (Hope you don't mind and thanks)
-Multiple savestates are now supported (10 per game)
-Added a preview for each savestate
-Added option to resize/move the exit game snapshot and savestate preview.
-Changed the name of RomPath.ini to Path.ini
-Added the option to change where the ZsnexBox folder is created. Only the partition can be changed (E, F, or G). This is set in the Path.ini

-Fixed a bug where the GUI music could exceed the maximum volume.
-Adjusted the quality of the GUI files to make a smaller archive. This also frees up more Xbox memory (which gives more room for HQ screenshots).

-Added cheat searching. Up to 15 codes per game can be saved. RAM, extended RAM, and SRAM are searched.

The format of the cheat codes is:



AA = Where the code is used (00 = RAM, 01 = Extended RAM, 02 = SRAM) Do not change this value unless you know what you are doing. As usual it is very possible you can corrupt your sram files with codes that begin with 02, so I recommend making a backup.

BBBB = The address (0 - FFFF)

CC = The value to set at the address

The search must return a total less then or equal to 15 results. However, you can continue searching until the results are as low as you want (I recommend not trying to search if the results are 2-3)

Each generated code can be assigned to any of the 15 available slots per game.

The values that can be searched are:

Exact value (a value between 0 and 255 can be entered)
Equal to before
Not equal to before
Less then before
Less then or equal to before
Greater then before
Greater then or equal to before

It is very easy to quickly find cheats for just about anything. I recommend people give this a try before looking for AR or GG codes.

-The rombrowser.psd is included in the media folder

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Monday, 26, June, 2006

ZsnexBox v1.9
Posted by Sin-Tex at 18:41 PM

News Source: Xbox-Scene

What’s New:

-Added option to map Controller 1 and 2 to Controller 3 and 4 (only available after a game is started)

-Added various ROM browser filename display options:
Full (displays the entire filename)
No Extension (displays the entire filename without the extension)
Name only (displays the filename without the extension or the (U), (J), (!), (V1.0), etc…)

-Fixed the High Resolution screenshot saving. It was generating a few lines of garbage at the top of the image.

-Added a “Turbo Settings” menu. Turbo can be turned on/off for all controllers. The buttons available are:
SNES button A
SNES button B
SNES button X
SNES button Y
SNES button Left
SNES button Right

-Added option to change how many times per second the turbo is used. The choices are 60 or 30. Some games (like Mortal Kombat 2) will require changing this.

-Added GUI Options menu

-The following values can be changed:
File Color (Choices are White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
File Selection Color (Choices are White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Full name Color (Choices are White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Folder Color (Choices are White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Menu Color (Choices are White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Menu Selection Color (Choices are White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
Font Size (14 – 30)
Display the number of games found (On/Off)
Menu Vertical Spacing
Japanese Box art Adjust
Screenshot Preview Adjust

-Made the default GUI font bigger

-Increased the vertical spacing in the option menus

-Added option to show available memory. If you are using very large screenshots (greater than 500K) or replace the GUI files with large images, this will come in handy. If there is not at least ~16 MB of free memory before you start the first game, ZsnexBox will crash.

-Various GUI tweaks


The Font size is primarily for HD users. However, 480i/480p users can also adjust it. Values between 14-19 seem to work well for all screens

I have implemented a dynamic preview adjust option. The screenshot preview can be moved/resized anywhere on the screen. The user can make it small, stretched, big, and position it anywhere on the ROM browser. This also applies to Japanese boxart. You do not have to do anything special in naming or placing Japanese boxart. Simply name the boxart image to match your ROM and ZsnexBox will display it correctly.

I will add more color options if people want them for the GUI text. If you want a specific color please post it in this thread like this:

Color name: Sky Blue
Red = 0
Green = 128
Blue = 255

These values/colors can be determined using any paint program (like MS paint)

Installation Notes:

You MUST delete your previous ZsnexBox.ini if upgrading.

The default.xbe is patched to make it retail. If this causes a problem for you then delete the default.xbe and rename the default_unpatched.bak to default.xbe.

Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

Sunday, 18, June, 2006

ZsnexBox v1.7
Posted by Sin-Tex at 12:12 PM

News Source: Xbox-Scene

  • What's new:

    -The FPS setting is fixed. It should display if it is set to "On" every time.
    -Reverse Stereo is now saved/loaded from the ini.
    -The "Hide File Extensions" option is saved/loaded from the ini.
    -Added an option to disable screenshot saving
    -Fixed the bug where part of the screenshot was still on the screen after saving.

    Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

    Saturday, 17, June, 2006

    ZsnexBox v1.6
    Posted by Sin-Tex at 10:52 AM

    News Source: Xbox-Scene

  • What's new:

    -FINALLY fixed the bug where supported games would sometimes not start or crash the XBOX.

    -Added support for HD modes 720p and 1080i. These are only selectable if the correct cables are used and are enabled in the dashboard.

    -Removed the width limitation of the ROM browser when the video mode is set to 720p or 1080i.

    -Lowered the default background music volume.
    -Added option to disable the in game volume control
    -Added two more sound effects to the GUI
    -MUCH faster screenshot preview loading

    There is Many more changes to this release.

    Download in the usual place mIRC #xboxemu

  • Disclaimer All Rights Reserved © 2002-2012. All names, trademarks and copyrights are copyrighted by their respective owners. XBox is a registered trademark of Microsoft. is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way.